Given Carole’s qualifications and experience in negotiation, particularly in the teaching field, she also offers a service to parties who wish to engage in negotiation. Negotiation should generally be attempted before mediation in any dispute. However, good negotiation is an art and requires thorough preparation before the negotiation begins, and implementation of appropriate strategies and tactics.

Many lawyers who represent their clients in negotiations have little or no negotiation training. Negotiation differs from the mediation service Carole offers in that she would represent one of the negotiating parties. For clients who wish to ascertain whether it may be possible to reach a negotiated settlement as opposed to engaging, or continuing to engage, in litigation, this is a potentially cost and time saving exercise. All parties must, of course, agree to negotiate.

You may come to Carole for legal advice in her capacity as a barrister and then decide to engage in negotiation. If you are a lawyer, you may suggest that she participates in any negotiation on behalf of your client. Or it may be that you would like to check whether, in Carole’s view, negotiation is a viable mechanism to resolve the dispute.

If in doubt, please feel free to contact Carole and she will discuss the matter briefly and confidentially with you.