Carole graduated from the University of Canterbury with an LLB in 1993, and from Massey University with a Graduate Diploma in Business Studies (Dispute Resolution) in 2015. The Graduate Diploma consisted of 8 papers including negotiation and mediation. Carole also has a STEP Diploma in Trusts and Estates (Distinction) which she completed in 2017.

An Asian Perspective

Carole appreciates how cultural differences can impact upon the mediation process. Carole studied Advanced Cross Cultural Communication (a Massey University Masters level paper) in 2014 and was awarded the Top Student Certificate.

Carole has spoken at a number of conferences and to law firms and barristers’ chambers about mediating and negotiating in an Asian context.

Carole speaks basic Mandarin having passed a number of Chinese proficiency tests whilst living in Singapore.


In Singapore, Carole conducted thirty mediations including:

  • Tenancy – e.g. rental deposit not returned
  • Sale of goods/contractual issues – e.g. non-payment for items delivered, mismatch between items delivered and items ordered, provision of faulty shop window display, purchase of defective vehicle, terms of vehicle warranty
  • Provision of services – e.g. non-payment for various services, the standard of house renovations
  • Shipping – e.g. detention charges relating to shipping container, loss of items shipped
  • Education – e.g. expulsion of student from International School

Whilst working as a consultant to the SMC, Carole participated in many commercial mediations on a wide range of issues including; tenancy, personal injury, joint venture, supply of goods and services, construction, banking and shipping

To read more about these cases, please click here.

The amounts claimed ranged from $250k to $35m. Carole provided input in private with the mediator, and discussed general approach and strategy. Carole received positive feedback from both mediators and participants.

Carole has been described by parties as an “extremely effective mediator” and as “providing balanced and credible facilitation”

In the New Zealand mediation context Carole has been described as “very professional” in her approach. She successfully mediated a contractual dispute between parties at loggerheads.

In 2017, Carole taught Negotiation to MBA students at AUT. In 2018, Carole taught Resolution of Civil Disputes to final year law students, and Negotiation and Mediation to Public Policy and Social Science students, also at AUT.

She is currently an adjunct instructor to the College of Law where she teaches negotiation to law graduates.